By Michael MacDonald


Growing up in North Philadelphia, Kashief Edwards aka @the_vending_bizz followed the path of a lot of young men in inner-city neighborhoods and played basketball. Spending time at the local recreation center was a right of passage for him and his friends.

Aside from playing basketball Kashief was always observant. When he noticed the owner of the vending machine, that him and his friends used at the center, refilling the machine with chips and taking out bags of money, he was intrigued. He had used the machine all the time but never thought about it as something that was making someone money until that moment.

15 years later when Kashief was working to make ends meet as an adult, he decied to go opposite of the norm and instead of getting a second job as another income stream, he decided to start his first business. Having the memory of the vending machine owner in his mind after all these years, he chose to become a vending machine entrepreneur.

After trial and error he got two machines running. Those two machines brought him in a total of $1,400 a month at the time he was making $1,700 a month at his job. Realizing that he almost matched his jobs income from machines that he only had to check on once a week, he went full steam ahead. Shortly after he quit his job and became a full-time vending machine entrepreneur. Today he owns over 20 machines in the city of Philadelphia and plans on expanding his reach in 2020.

On episode 63 of @earnyourleisure, @the_vending_bizz gave a step-by-step blueprint that anyone can use to make huge profits from owning vending machines. He covered everything that you need to know about the business in detail and also discussed his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

EYL #63 will be out today at 5 pm est.