By Michael MacDonald


Brandon Mitchell is not your average 23 year old. He’s had an exceptional mind since childhood. He started taking college courses in high school. When he entered college, he obtained three bachelor degrees in three years as a triple undergraduate major. He studied economics, finance and management information systems. While taking 26 credits a semester, he also started two businesses.


His first business was an equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. The second was a resume writing service for recent college graduates. Neither startup was successful. 


After he graduated, he put his entrepreneurial aspirations aside and began to work at one of the largest accounting firms in the world, Price Waterhouse Cooper. At 21, he was earning six figures and was on the path to be a corporate superstar.


Making over $100,000 a year at 21 would seem like success to most people, but deep down he was unfulfilled. Despite having “a good job” he felt he could do more and help more people if he worked for himself. In 2019, he bet on himself and quit his job to become a full-time entrepreneur. 


He always felt that his resume writing company was a good idea. He realized that the first go around he just had poor execution. He tweaked the business model, renamed the company and launched his new company called Brand Resumes in May of 2019. Brand Resumes is a career development company that helps people with resume writing and career advancement services. In the first 7 months of business, Brand Resumes grossed over $140,000 in revenue and is on pace to quadruple that number in 2020.


Brandon is now living his dream. Not only is he running a successful business but he’s in the business of helping others. He has said that there is no price tag for helping people improve their career opportunities and increase their salaries.


In episode 59 of Earn Your Leisure, Brandon broke down his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. He also provided career advancement tips that anyone can use to earn more money and move up the ranks in their industry. 


EYL 59 will be out today at 5 pm est.

Article by @Rashadbilal