" Episode 33 is with two of the most important figures in the financial literacy movement. DJ Envy needs no introduction everyone already watches and listens to him everyday. He’s a music and radio icon but his career as a real estate mogul and entrepreneur is just as if not more impressive. "
EYL #33
" In episode 32 we went in-depth on everything you need to know about cars. We broke down the advantages of leasing and buying, we explained the different tax breaks associated with each, we looked at buying new vs used, and we explained all the technical car buying terms. "
EYL #32
" In episode 31 we sat down with the dynamic duo to discuss higher education, college hacking tips, ways to fund education without going into debt and the importance of culturally responsive teaching. "
EYL #31
" In episode 30 we cover everything you need to know about starting and running a successful non-profit/charity organization. We also discussed mental health, the art of negotiating, grant writing, fundraising, and marketing. "
EYL #30
" In episode 29 we spoke with international business expert Fritz Charles about Africa. Fritz graduated from the top business school in the world (Wharton at UPenn), he worked as a trader for the infamous Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers when he was 22. "
EYL #29
" In episode 28 we covered everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We also covered the inside world of investment banking and broke down the global financial collapse of 2008. "
EYL #28

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